Veneers are thin shells made of ceramic that are bonded adhesively to the teeth.

As a minimally invasive technique and a highly aesthetic treatment method, veneers are used in the case of cavities, trauma or slight changes in the position of the teeth. The biocompatible ceramic material perfectly mimics nature, thus making the veneers look natural and like a healthy tooth. Dental technology produces highly aesthetic and precisely customized individual parts that give the patient a radiant, flawless yet natural smile.

Before treatment begins, dental impressions are taken to produce plaster models, which the dentist and dental technician can use to study and discuss the individual situation of the patient. The goal is always to achieve a satisfactory aesthetic result while sacrificing as little of the healthy tooth substance as possible.

Veneers are made to measure. The dental technician prepares a so-called wax-up so the patient can see a preview of the final result before treatment begins. A model of the patient’s new teeth is formed in wax and then tested by means of a mock-up in the patient's mouth. The mock-up is an imitation of the final ceramic work made from plastic and can be temporarily attached to the teeth so that the patient, dentist and dental technician can discuss the details of the new restoration and make a decision on whether the form, color and position of the "new teeth" are what the patient had in mind. Only after this aesthetic review, i.e., when the patient is aware of the final result before the actual treatment begins, are the teeth shaved using a minimally invasive approach.

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