Professional teeth cleaning


Professional teeth cleaning is an important tool in preventing tooth decay and gum disease.

One of the most important preventive measures in dentistry is professional teeth cleaning. The cornerstones of any cleaning session are education, monitoring (scan), care and protection.


Patients are instructed on how to take better care of their teeth at home. Products are recommended to help patients optimize their oral hygiene. Some special products can even be purchased at our dental practice.


In addition to the dental exam, gum health is assessed. Every single tooth is examined for pockets during scans using a periodontal probe. If it can be inserted more than 3.5 mm between tooth and gum, it is an indication that the gums are not adhering tightly enough to the tooth. In dental jargon, this is referred to as a pocket. Action is required even if the probing depth measures 2 mm yet the gums are bleeding. Bleeding points to an inflammation of the gums. The cause of the inflammation is a biofilm that builds up on teeth and contains communities of bacteria (plaque). It irritates the gums and cause inflammation.

We use a computerized probe to generate measurements of individual pockets. The Florida Probe system is well known for its ability to measure with scientific accuracy.

The resulting detailed periodontal findings are the basis for discussion of possible further therapies (periodontitis treatment) or serve as a basis for comparison with previous or subsequent measurements. Only in this way is it possible to monitor the patient's progress and receive feedback as to whether his or her own oral hygiene has improved and/or whether, for example, periodontitis therapy has been successful.


The best protection a tooth can have is being clean. A clean tooth will not become ill. During a professional dental cleaning, all plaque is removed. The biofilm is removed not only on the smooth surfaces, but also from the spaces in between the teeth.

But what is plaque? Plaque is a biofilm that builds up on teeth and contains communities of bacteria, which can cause cavities and periodontitis (LINK). Hard deposits are gently removed using hand and micro-ultrasonic instruments. The plaque is dyed to ensure that the dental hygienist can see where any remaining plaque is. The Airflow Perio is another tool we use to gently remove soft deposits.


After the teeth have been cleaned, a protective varnish is applied. Different products with different ingredients and active ingredients are available, which are selected according to the needs of the individual patient.

Professional teeth cleaning is an important preventive measure not only for adults. Children should have their teeth cleaned every six months starting at the age of 6 at the latest. At this age, the permanent teeth, which the child will hopefully keep for a lifetime, are starting to break through. Professional teeth cleaning is an important cornerstone to ensure oral health.

The German statutory health insurances cover professional teeth cleaning every 6 months for patients between the ages of 6 and 18.