Myobrace Treatment: 
Naturally straight teeth

Improper tongue, cheek and lip resting postures and swallowing patterns influence the development of our jaws. Breathing through the mouth has a negative effect not only on jaw development but on the development of the whole body. Teeth should always be in balance with the surrounding muscles. If teeth are crooked, they are still in balance, but jaw growth is negatively affected by the movement of the tongue, cheeks, lips and by breathing so that they cannot develop properly. This leads to a small jaw with not enough space to fit all the teeth. If the tongue, cheek, lips and breathing function incorrectly, the upper and lower jaws cannot come forward properly. The jaw profile thus has the appearance of being recessed. Myobrace therapy has such a positive effect on the function of the tongue, the cheeks, the lips and on breathing that a new balance is achieved in which the jaws can develop optimally. The result is straight teeth that are in balance with the surrounding muscles and the whole body.

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