Orthodontics is a specialty field of dentistry that deals primarily with malpositioned teeth and jaws. If this leads to health problems with the rest of the teeth, there is a need for treatment. But an aesthetic correction can also be suitable for creating a carefree smile.

If teeth are crooked, they tilt to the side or develop narrow spaces or gaps. Crooked teeth do not only look unattractive, they can cause a series of health problems. Therefore, undesirable misalignments should be prevented from an early age. A first assessment is recommended after all baby teeth have broken through. Depending on the findings, a widening of the jaw, acceleration or deceleration of jaw growth, or shifting of one or more teeth may become necessary.

Therapy is carried out with the help of removable or temporarily fixed appliances. These do not necessarily have to be braces or retainers. In modern orthodontics, there are alternatives that are considerably less unpleasant for patients, make oral hygiene easier and, moreover, are hardly noticeable. In our dental practice, we offer treatment with Clear Aligner or Invisalign, transparent trays that provide these advantages. We also use Myobrace, an innovative three-stage appliance system that can eliminate the need for fixed braces later on. We would be happy to consult you on the various orthodontic treatment methods.