Digital X-rays (3D)


Digital X-rays have a number of advantages for patients, doctors and the environment.

Digital X-rays is an imaging technique, which uses a digital image capture device. The image is stored on a computer within seconds and can be previewed immediately. Sharp image quality has led to improvements in making diagnoses. The digital image can be enlarged, and contrast and brightness can be adjusted. This eliminates the need for repeated exposures.

Digital X-rays improve dental treatment in other ways. The digital image can be displayed on different computers so that several doctors and staff can have access to it. It is of particular importance that everyone in a dental office in which several specialists are working on a patient’s successful treatment outcome – as is the case at the dental practice Ralf Wimberger & Kollegen – have a comprehensive knowledge for making a diagnosis.

Compared to the conventional method, modern digital X-rays have a significantly lower radiation exposure, i.e., only 10 percent compared to conventional X-rays.

Environmental aspects also speak in favor of using the modern X-ray method. The environmentally harmful chemicals previously needed for developing the X-ray film are no longer necessary.